Current customers, we are currently replacing our credit card company. Please call 415 839 9479 to process your bills. Introducing US Bayad Center, an Overseas Collection Partner with CIS Bayad Center (CBCI) Philippines.

It’s now possible and affordable for our Kababayans abroad to pay for monthly utility bills directly

US Bayad Center is authorized to accept payments for the following:

  • Meralco (Manila Electric Company)
  • Bayan (Bayan Telecommunications, Inc)
  • Maynilad (Maynilad Water Services, Inc.)
  • MWC (Manila Water Services, Inc.)
  • PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company)
  • SSS (Social Security System) Contributions
  • SSS (Social Security System) Short Term Loans
  • SSS (Social Security System) Real Estate

How do I sign up?

    • Register through our website at, or
    • Call our customer service number at (415) 839 9479 and to one of our USBayadCenter representatives.

Registration is FREE!

Why US Bayad Center?

  • Our partnership with Bayad Center Philippines assures you peace of mind
  • Assurance that bills are paid on time - Payments are made directly to billers
  • Proof of payment guaranteed in conjunction with Bayad Center Philippines
  • Online and by phone customer service to assist you with your payment needs
  • Online convenience from your desktop
  • Processing in minutes
  • Fully automated bills processing. Transactions are directly transmitted to Bayad Center Philippines.
  • Big Savings.  Compare pricing to Xoom, Lucky Money, Western Union
  • Affordable service fee (Introductory rate of $4.99)
  • Competitive exchange rates - Compare to Xoom, Lucky Money, Western Union
  • Cheaper than sending money via a remittance center
  • Paying your loved one’s bills are now easier than ever
  • Payments can be made via the web (24 hours a day) or via phone through our customer service (9AM to 6PM US PST M-F)
  • Your relatives and friends in the Philippines no longer need to take time out from their busy schedule to make the payments and spend the extra money for transportation

Kahit overseas, ang pagbabayad ng bills . . . No Worries !!!

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News: Transactions posted after 9PM Philippine time (UTC/GMT +8 hours) will be processed the following day.